Highlander is an exciting Scottish set adventure drama starring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery, two of the greatest. The movie is set in a world where several people in the population are immortal. They can only be killed via decapitation. All the immortals fight each other to the death with the winner absorbing the loser’s power.

The most emotional scene comes when the main character Connor must say goodbye to his wife Heather. She has succumbed to old age while Connor has remained the same age as when he was first made immortal. The movie does a great job of showing the emotional anguish that comes from living forever.

The drama and tension of the scenes are well aided by a score provided by English rock band Queen. Their hit song Who Wants to Live Forever stands out as one of the greatest tracks on this score. Their unique sound creates an air of mystery and excitement to what see on screen.

The movie is set in different times throughout history. The main plot concerns Connor in New York city during the present day. He is one of only 3 immortals left alive. They must each do battle for the final winner to receive “The Prize”. The rest of the film is flashbacks to Connor’s life before this.

We see him in Scotland as a medieval Highland warrior. He is killed in battle by the villain, known as the Kurgan. We see Connor’s loved ones react to his untimely death. However, he soon wakes up and is rejected by his people for having perceived supernatural powers. The flashbacks show the lonely life that Connor must endure. In the scenes set in the present day, we see a potential love interest establish itself. However, first Connor must defeat the scary Kurgan.

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