Rob Roy, the Film

Scotland is proud of the movies that have been made here, and rightly so. The countryside is beautiful and often creates the perfect setting for a variety of different types of film. One of many is Rob Roy.

Who is Rob Roy?

Going back to 1713, in the film, Rob Roy was the character formally known as Robert Roy MacGregor who lived until December 1734. His claim to fame was the legend that he was a Scottish outlaw. But for many, he was perceived as a Scottish folk hero.

Rob Roy in the Movie

Robert was depicted as the chief of the MacGregor clan. The responsibility he took on was to protect those in his care from cattle rustling, but he struggled to do this as money was so scarce he could hardly provide food for his clan. Out of desperation, he borrows money from the Marquess of Montrose, with the hopes, that this money would set him up for trading cattle. From here the plot thickens as the loan of money gets stolen in transit, and Rob Roy is still being held accountable for it.

Rob Roy Cast

The Rob Roy film had an impressive and lengthy cast. Liam Neeson took on the role as Rob Roy MacGregor, and of course, no film would be a success without a leading lady, which in this case was Jessica Lange as Mary MacGregor. The list of impressive actors and actresses goes on.


This is one of those unique films that stays stationary in its location, meaning the entire film was shot in Scotland, with the majority of it taking place in the Highlands. While the countryside was perfect for this film, the highland rains created a significant challenge for keeping it on budget and schedule.

This indeed is a “must see”, not only because of the story itself but for the beautiful glimpses of Scotland.

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