Watching a Movie and Playing Video Games at the Same Time

Some people are very good at multi-tasking, and may even attempt this when they are involved in activities for entertainment. But, what is the real purpose? An example is watching a movie and playing video games at the same time.

Video Game Action

Generally, the most popular video games such as Clash Royale are full of action and demand the complete attention of the player. So, why would they be interested in watching a movie at the same time?

Solving the Conflict

It may be that they don’t specifically want to watch a movie, but someone that is with them does. Many times video games are played on the PC, and someone else may want to watch a film on the same device. So here is where the conflict begins.

One solution is to use two screens and make sure the video card is configured for this. The game playing will have to take place in window mode, and the movie can be watched in full-screen version. The one concern is how much strain this will put on the computer itself.

Other Options

There could well be other reasons for wanting to watch a movie and play video games at the same time. It may be that there is a pause in between active play with the video game. For example, players may have to take turns, and waiting can be boring. So some may want to fill in this time with watching a movie while they are waiting their turn.

Some video games have been followed up with a movie. Some really enthusiastic game players like to follow along with the film during play of the video game.

No matter what the reason for watching a movie while playing PC games, having the right equipment to be able to do both is going to be a pro rather than a con.