Movies and Scotland

Scotland does not receive the accolades it deserves for being one of the most beautiful and authentic places for a large variety of movie productions. It is typical for all the attention on a movie to be placed on the cast, as well as the plot. Many people don’t realise how important the location is, and how it lends to the drama and authenticity of many movies. There have been some fantastic movies filmed in Scotland and had they taken place in any other vicinity, they would inevitably have lost the considerable impact they have on film buffs. This site has been created to elicit a greater appreciation for the part that Scotland has played in many movies. It is broken down into sections, so those who have a specific interest in one particular area can quickly access the information.

Action and Movies

Nearly everyone loves action movies. These are the ones that keep you on the edge of your seat. A classic example of this is Braveheart. Just as you manage to catch your breath from the last action-packed scene, another one comes along. The information here gives a little more insight into this particular movie. Even if you have already watched this movie, you are going to find this section interesting.


Scotland cannot be forgotten for its contribution to comedy movies. In this section, we have concentrated on two movies that are classed as comedies but are two very different types. There is the slapstick version of comedy, and then, there is dark humor. Try and see if you can determine which of the movies mentioned here fall into which of these classifications.


Drama and action often go hand in hand, but dramatic movies usually have a bit more realism to them when it comes to the storyline. See which ones we chose, that are based in Scotland, that we believe are impressive.