All About Braveheart

No action film set in Scotland is, or will ever be as iconic as Braveheart. It stars Mel Gibson as folk hero William Wallace. During medieval times, Wallace led a rebellion against the English king that resulted in bloody and heartbreaking consequences. The film was a passion project for Gibson who also directed it. He wanted to make the action scenes of war epic in scale.

It was an immense success when released and it grossed over $200 million. Additionally, it also gained ten Academy Award nominations. It helped to boost the tourism of Scotland throughout the years after initial release. Stirling has seen a larger number of people coming to visit. This is because a decisive battle takes place in the area.

The film does not just focus on the violent conquest executed by Wallace. It also shows a romance between him and his childhood sweetheart. At the beginning of the movie, Wallace must leave his hometown and travel the world. During this time, he learns diplomacy and various other subjects most peasants would not have access to. Eventually, he moves back to Scotland as an adult man. It is here that he resumes his romance and gets married in secret.

However, after tragedy strikes Wallace is filled with rage for the English soldiers that have taken over his country. He helps to unite the various clans of Scotland so that they can take up arms against their oppressors. Gibson was already well known at the time for his violent Mad Max movie series. In Braveheart, he continues with the same relentless action sequences. The scenes of the battles fought by Wallace are extremely gory and energetic. It helps to show the audience the chaos and cruelty that would have been felt by the soldiers during this time in history.

To have the closest experience of what William Wallace went through, you can experience some war games here to go back in time.